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The Brookfield 2020 Master Plan provided several opportunities for local residents to be involved and included in the planning process. Citizen participation was an integral component in the planning process and helped identify issues, needs, priorities and opportunities that were important to the community. This section summarizes the results of work activities undertaken at the outset of the Brookfield 2020 Master Planning process. A detailed summary of each exercise is included in Appendix B – Community Outreach.

The objectives of these work activities were to: a) obtain first-hand impressions of conditions, issues, and potentials that should be considered in the planning process; and b) provide the Consulting Team with an introduction to local views and perceptions of Brookfield and the surrounding areas.

It is important to emphasize that the comments included in this section reflect the views and opinions of a limited number of people within the Community. They should not be interpreted as findings of fact or as conclusions and recommendations by the Consultant. However, the workshops and interviews have indicated: a) several locally perceived problems and issues which are addressed or reflected in the 2020 Master Plan; and b) a number of assets and advantages within the Village which should be built upon and preserved in the future.

Based on the various Community Outreach activities, the following assets/advantages and problems/issues were identified as Community priorities:

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