About Brookfield: 2020 Master Plan: Section 7: Corridor Subarea Plans

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This section presents improvement and development recommendations for three key Corridor Subareas within the Village of Brookfield:

The three Corridor Subareas were selected by the Village for more detailed planning because they represent the primary auto-oriented commercial/mixed-use corridors within the Village. These areas contain a diverse range of land-uses and are among the most intensely developed portions of the community. The Corridor Subareas are highly visible to passing motorists and are primary determinants in how Brookfield is perceived by residents and visitors alike. Although they contain a variety of intense commercial and mixed-use activity, each corridor suffers to some degree by vacancies, inappropriate and incompatible lands uses, deteriorating conditions, and overall poor and inconsistent aesthetics. Finally, the Corridor Subareas include those portions of the Village that are most likely to see change and they each contain vacant and/or underutilized properties which may be subject to development or redevelopment in the future. Each Corridor Subarea Plan provides recommendations for key redevelopment sites, commercial/minor improvement sites, parking lot landscaping, curb and gutter improvements, parkway/streetscape improvements, and other overall Subarea improvements.

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