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What do I do about dead branches and trees between the sidewalk and street?

Don't touch them! That land, called the "parkway" is owned and managed by the Village. Trees are a precious asset to Brookfield and they are protected by a very strict enforcement code. Simply stated, this means that any kind of action -- beneficial or otherwise -- without first contacting the Village, is strictly prohibited. Late Winter and early Spring are busy times for the Forestry Division. It is the best time to prune dead branches, trim away wild growth, remove dead trees, and plant new ones. ItÕs also a good time for you to report to the Forestry Division problems with existing trees on municipal property. If you have any questions about a tree in your parkway, or need to report a dangerous situation regarding a tree please call us at 708-485-7344, ext. 403.

Can I plant a tree in front of my house?

The Forestry Division runs a Shared Cost Tree Planting Program each spring. Trees will be 2 inches in diameter and 6-10 feet tall. Interested residents should call the Public Works Department to have their property checked for available space and to be notified of the varieties of trees and planting costs. No private planting of trees or shrubs in parkway areas is allowed without a permit. The Village works to maintain an appropriate variety of species, proper distance between trees and ensures that trees are not planted too close to wires or sewer lines. This is a very popular program, so area residents are urged to call early. To get on a planting list simply call the Forestry Division at 485-7344, ext. 403 or 404. Requests are taken from February 1, until the program is filled.

Is it true that you give away free mulch and fireplace logs?

Often when we trim trees we have logs large enough for fireplace use. Tree trimming and removal also creates a valuable source of woodchip mulch. As the fibers break down, the chips create a healthy compost that adds vital nutrients to the soil. This is excellent for area gardens or around tree bases. Best of all, the woodchip mulch is free of charge. Just drive to the north end of the parking lot behind the Village Hall and take what you need. By utilizing this resource, residents save money, recycle nutrients back into the earth and save the village the cost of having to dump the chips and logs at a landfill.

How do I get my sidewalk replaced?

Costs are shared and depend upon the number of squares replaced. If you would like squares in front of your home, apartment, or business torn out and replaced, call the Department of Public Works at 708-485-7344 ext. 403. Make that call today because funds for this earmarked program are limited.

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