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Village Board of Trustees (Updates will be made to this information on May 14 reflecting the newly elected positions)

The Village elects a President, a Village Clerk, and six Village Trustees. Their terms are for 4 years. There are 3 trustees elected every 2 years. Meetings are on the second and fourth Mondays at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall.

Kit P. Ketchmark, Village President

Phone 708-485-1400 email:

Cathy Colgrass-Edwards, Village Clerk

3648 Madison

Phone 708-387-0437 email:

Nicole Gilhooley, Village Trustee

Phone 708-485-7344 email:

Michael J. Garvey, Village Trustee

Phone 708-485-7344 email:

C.P. Hall, Village Trustee

3837 Woodside Avenue

Phone 708-485-2847 email:

Brian S. Oberhauser, Village Trustee

Phone 708-485-4636 email:

Ryan P. Evans, Village Trustee

Phone 708-357-3276; email

Michelle D. Ryan, Village Trustee

Phone 708-485-7344 email:

Library Board of Trustees

For more information about the Library Board, visit their website at

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