50/50 Tree Planting

The Village periodically offers a 50/50 Tree Planting Program for residents who are interested in having a tree planted in their parkway. Foresters from the Public Works Department will examine your parkway to determine whether there is sufficient space for a tree to be planted, per the Village ordinance. Residents whose parkway can accommodate a new tree and who choose to participate in the program will be responsible for paying their portion before the tree is planted. Please keep in mind that the number of trees is limited. Tree species vary by season and nursery availability. You may submit a request at any time to have Public Works check your property and you will be contacted the next time the program is offered.

2023 50/50 Fall Planting Program will begin soon! The Village Forestry Foreman will be visiting locations to determine if your parkway has sufficient room for a tree to be planted and a notice will be left at the property with additional information. 

If you have any questions or would like your parkway examined at any time for a possible planting, please use one of the following methods to contact us:
* Please visit Brookfield, IL | Explore Map | SeeClickFix  and choose the "Tree Planting" category
* Send an email to publicworks@brookfieldil.gov
* Give us a call at 708-485-2540


Height: 55’                             
Spread: 45’
Growth: Moderate     
Habit: Upright oval
Foliage Spring: Dark Green   
Fall: Bright Yellow
Flower: Green-Yellow           
Fruit: Paired Samaras

A maple which transplants very well, this tree has excellent fall color, is adaptable to all types of soil conditions and works well in parkways situations. This plant was selected from the Morton arboretum.

Height: 30’- 40’                       
Spread: 35’                                                         
Growth: Medium to fast
Habit: Oval/Rounded         
Spring Foliage: Deep Purple     
Fall: Maroon/Red                   
Flower: Small, covered by foliage        
Fruit: Samara

It has a high canopy with a typical clearance of 7 feet from the ground and should not be planted underneath power lines. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live to a ripe old age of 100 years or more; think of this as a heritage tree for future generations.

Height: 20’                                                 
Spread: 20’                                               
Growth: Moderate     
Habit: Rounded                                       
Spring Foliage: Green                         
Fall: Yellow                               
Flower: Lavender-pink                       
Fruit: Brown Pod

This native tree is named for its most distinctive attributes, which are the lavender-pink flower buds it produces in spring. It prefers cool roots, so plant in partial shade. There are locations throughout the village.

New Horizon Elm
Height: 30’ – 40’                     
Spread: 15’ – 25’                                 
Growth: Rapid
Habit: Upright Oval               
Spring Foliage: Dark Green      
Fall: Yellow/Gold                    
Flower: Small, covered by foliage        

The New Horizon elm has slightly arching branches that give it a more finely textured appearance than most elms. It has excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease (DED), elm leaf miner, and verticillium wilt. This cultivar has large, dark green leaves that take on a rusty-red tint in fall. It is useful as a street, parkway, or shade tree.

Exclamation London Plane (Sycamore)
Height: 55’ - 60’                         
Spread: 35’ mature                             
Growth: Fast   
Habit: Pyramidal                       
Spring Foliage: Medium Green     
Fall: Yellow/Gold
Flower: Inconspicuous  

Exclamation London Planetree is a popular, durable, and attractive shade and street tree. Exclamation London Planetree is very tolerant of adverse conditions and road salt, and the interestingly shaped leaves are green turning to bright yellow in the fall. Exclamation London Planetree’s naturally shedding bark creates a dappled brown and cream pattern that accentuates sunlight filtered through the foliage. A popular choice for parkways, malls, parks, shopping centers, or anywhere a large shade tree is needed!

Purple Prince Crabapple
Height: 18’ – 20’         
Spread: 15’ – 18’                     
Growth: Medium to Fast          
Habit: Oval                 
Spring Foliage: Purple Bronze  
Fall: Yellow
Flower: Red/ Purple     
Fruit: Can produce small fruits

Purple Prince’ is a small, rounded tree with upward spreading branches that grows 18 to 20 ft. tall and wide. In spring, it has ovate purple-bronze leaves that gradually turn green in summer and then golden in fall. Its rosy, red single flowers mature into round 3/8 to 1/2 in. purple fruits that persist into winter and attract birds. ‘Purple Prince’ has excellent resistance to scab and cedar apple rust and good resistance to fire blight and mildew. It is considered to be a rapid grower but is less likely to have problems with stem splitting.

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