Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance

The Village of Brookfield is dedicated to property maintenance issues and regularly conducts property maintenance inspections to protect the health, safety, and appearance of the property as well as nearby areas. Common violation types include:

  • Building exteriors
  • Sidewalk/ parkway obstructions
  • Storage
  • Signs
  • Unsafe living conditions 
Code Enforcement can only take action on violations of ordinances adopted by the Village of Brookfield.

Report ViolationResidents may report property maintenance violations by submitting a request online here, email, or call 708-485-7344 option 3.

ViolationsYou may receive a Notice of Violation or notice from one of our inspectors informing you of a property maintenance violation.  If you receive a Notice of Violation, please make arrangements to correct the code violation within the given time frame.

If you do not correct your property maintenance violation or contact the Village Hall with your questions, you will receive a ticket to report to the Village Hall for an Administrative Adjudication Hearing.  An administrative hearing is a civil, not a criminal proceeding.  Cases filed in adjudication are punishable by fines and can only be appealed in the 4th District Circuit Court of Cook County.  Those fines may be paid at the Brookfield Village Hall.

In extreme cases when fines accumulate unpaid, the Village may place liens on properties for repeat offenders.

The following are common property maintenance violations that the inspectors find during inspections.  If any of these conditions exist in your home, please try to proactively correct them.

  1. Failure to properly display address on front of house and on garage at alley
  2. Outdoor storage of materials or equipment
  3. Outdoor storage of inoperable vehicles
  4. Accumulation of trash, garbage, brush, or construction materials
  5. Overgrown bushes or hedges over walkways or public ways
  6. Grass grown over 8 inches in height and/or overgrowth of weeds
  7. Building or fence in disrepair
  8. Clogged or dirty gutters
  9. Missing or damaged handrails or balusters
  10. Peeling and chipping paint
  11. Broken or cracked windows on house or garage
  12. Parking on an unimproved surface
  13. Downspout connected to the sewer system
Permits may be required to correct certain property maintenance violations.

The Village of Brookfield adopted the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code with local amendments.

Downspout Disconnection
In 2013 the Village passed an ordinance prohibiting downspouts to connect to the sewer system as part of the ongoing commitment to address flooding in our region. Our sewer system can become overwhelmed during heavy rain events which can cause backups in some homes or buildings that do not have preventative tools like an overhead sewer or backflow prevention valve. By ensuring your downspouts are disconnected, you help protect your home, your neighbors and the community. Below is an informational flyer that show you how to disconnect your downspouts so you can do your part to prevent flooding and come into compliance with the law .

CLICK HERE for Information on how to Disconnect your Downspout

Resale InspectionsThe resale inspection pertains to commercial structures and residential building with 4 or more units. Persons selling a 1-3 unit residential building are not required to obtain an inspection from the Village. Instead, persons buying a 1-3 unit home must certify in writing that they have obtained a private inspection from a licensed home inspector.

Resale Inspections are required to be conducted within 60 days prior to any transfer of ownership. The resale inspection is the seller’s responsibility to apply for, pay for, and schedule. A closing may not take place until the property has passed resale inspection.

Please visit the Forms webpage to download the Resale Inspection Application form or certification form.

If you are selling your property, plan ahead so you have time to make any repairs required as a part of your resale inspection. If you are buying a property in Brookfield, ask your realtor for the status of your resale inspection.